What Hippies Taught Me About Childbirth


I learned a lot about labor from granola nurses and crunchy parents.


What Boho advice will you add to your birth plan?






Feed Moms or they get cranky.






A cervix blooms like a rose.

rose bloom






It is okay to ask the tough questions







Don’t assume that all parents want vaccines, baths,

disposable diapers or a pacifier,

unless you want to see  crunchy mom wrath.







Babies like their amniotic fluid.  Don’t AROM their swimming pool.

amniotic fluid






Everyone needs a hug sometimes.







But make sure you are keeping a safe distance when its pushing time.







Sometimes a mom will need you every minute.







Sometimes a mom only needs her partner







Not all moms wear deodorant, have a fan handy.







It is okay to name your son Red Fox.

red fox






Wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsing to cut!!








Continuous fetal monitoring is not always necessary.

intermittant efm







Always knock on the door first!







Moms deliver babies, not doctors.

pulling out baby







Watching a  dad and mom look at each other after the baby is born

always makes me cry.

dad gaze



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