Confession time: I’m bohemian-lite. I love the romantic ideas behind the Bohemian history minus some of the excesses that went along with the era.  I am a happily married, middle class, working, semi-crunchy mom of 5.    In today’s world of over-medicalized labor and birth practices, the Boho theme aptly describe those searching for alternatives.  I embrace the beauty and art of birth for myself, sisters and friends.  If you want to have freedom in your birth plan, expect truth from your doctor, and love the beauty of natural labor, you are ready for a Boho Birth too.

Boho Baby #4 having a snack



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  1. tracie osborn
    Aug 08, 2014 @ 18:33:57

    Hi there
    I may have reached the end of my rope! I am a mom of 3 and pregnant with number 4. My first pregnancy resulted in being induced the day before my due date ( for no apparent reason except Dr. offered and I ignorantly accepted) and boy do i ever regret that decision!!
    I live in Houston and have been searching for a Dr. that will at least give me the chance to try for TOLAC. Obviously, i realized that a c-section may be necessary in the case that labor is not productive but a chance is all i ask for. Maybe I ask for too much lol. Can you lead me in the right direction or even give me some more sound advice.
    Thank you so much



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