My 10 Crunchy Mom Fails

And Why I’m Okay With It


1. I didn’t save my placenta to plant with a tree, eat,
make placenta prints or to encapsulate

          lone surviver

2. I tried using aluminum free deodorant for exactly one day


3. I can’t bring myself to pay more for Organic


4. Does mashing parts of my own dinner count as making my own  baby food?

baby eats

5. I was disgusted by cloth diapers in my childhood and passed on it as a mom.


6. Never made cute art out of my belly

 belly art

7. Didn’t want to have  a Water Birth


8. Never even heard of lactation cookies until this year

 lactation cookies

9. Struggle growing an herb garden


10. Never declined newborn medications


I don’t fall neatly into a mom category. I bet you don’t either! I’m a little crunchy, a bit soccer, a lot grizzly and a full time working mama. Sometimes I feel like I am a goddess of natural birth and attachment parenting, sometimes I’m driving through McDonalds for the second time in a week. That’s why I’m okay with my crunchy mom fails.  I don’t need to try to fit in to someone else’s idea of what makes a good mom.  I am a good mom. I’m a Boho mama.

I have the freedom to parent the way that I choose!

Maybe some of the above crunchiness is right for you.  Click on the links to learn more.



Blessingway Traditions

This video shows some of the traditions that can be included in a blessingway. The key is to celebrate the woman’s transition to motherhood.


Blessing Way

I’m not a big fan of baby showers. I’ve had a few and have been to a ton. Baby showers are nice and I always have fun, but they smack of artificiality. From the registry to the inedible fondant, the soul of the celebration is missing. I appreciate my family and friends for working hard to celebrate my pregnancies, but I question this tradition. I am currently enthralled with the concept of a Blessing Way. I hope that my daughters will let me begin a new family tradition when they are becoming mothers.

Blessing Way Info

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